Mid-Year Goal Review

It's the perfect time to make sure you're on track!

Around this time of year, I like to check back in with the annual goals I set for myself and see how I’m doing. Of course, I look at them frequently throughout each week to keep them fresh in my mind, but I always think it’s helpful to re-examine them halfway through the year and contemplate what steps you need to take to complete whatever goals have not been crossed off, yet.

So, how are you doing with yours?

It’s no secret that I believe in approaching goals with ease, rather than such intensity that you burn out. Those overly goal-oriented planners that have 500 different goal sections and task lists stress me OUT. I prefer calm and manageability. In my opinion, it’s healthier (and more productive) to pick a few goals each month and break them down into very simple steps. You’re far more likely to accomplish what you want if your brain isn’t overwhelmed before you even start!

With this approach in mind, have a look at the goals you still have on your list. There are five months left in this very bizarre year – what sparing, simple steps can you take towards completing these remaining goals? Do some of these goals need to shift a little? If you do need to make some changes, don’t beat yourself up about it. Life happens – and if you’re extra like 2020, a pandemic happens. The idea is to keep yourself on track, via manageable steps, to complete the goals that align with your truest self. That’s all you need to do. It does take work, yes, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or painful!

If you have questions or need some inspiration with your goals, shoot me a message or comment, either here or on Instagram (@the_beautyis)!


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